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Default Saw blades


I went through a paradigm shift years ago when it comes to saw blades. I tried every cheap blade I could find and went through the same thought process you did. Is it the saw? Is it the track? Something wrong with my setup? No, it was the blade. I was trying to cut bread with a butter knife! When it comes to quality cuts in fussy material like melamine or veneered plywood I rely on Forrest HI-ATB blades. If you do this for a living and need sharp tooling at a moments notice then you may need two, one for the saw one for the sharpeners. If this is a hobby one blade will do just fine. Never use them for every day cutting, only for the task for which they were designed. One of these blades used this way will easily give you 10 kitchens worth of cabinets over it's lifetime. If it is your hobby one blade will probably last a life time.

I have been curious about the Tenryu blades now because of your review I will give them a try.

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