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Originally Posted by will View Post
what would be considered the rolex saw currently?
Hi, will,
Seeing as I only have limited experience in the 'saw-world', I honestly don't have a clue if there is one out there; perhaps the available plunge saws?. (I haven't used them, so I don't know.) After making my own smart base; and using some loctite on the front pivot, I'm happy with my Makita 8 1/4" saw. Cuts consistently, I'm used to it's ergonomics, etc.
I think a 'rolex' saw might have better shaft bearings; less/no slop in the depth setting or pivot areas; flawless beveling ability; saw base that doesn't flex/twist; adjustable handle/trigger; stuff like that.
My other saws I use on the EZ tracks are ok, but not stellar: DeWalt SawCat (used mainly for cutting Hardi, or, rough cuts that don't have to look too clean); Ridgid Fuego (a great little 6 1/2" corded saw that I've adapted for the EZ tracks. Cuts nice, but I cannot get the blade to quit wobbling enough to not leave saw marks. I thought about changing the bearings to see if that helps, but haven't done so yet. My guess is that it has to do with the thinness of the metal used for the 6 1/2" blade ; Hilti 267e (worst handle position in the world (for me)- great otherwise. The slot in the base that runs in the track isn't in the optimum position for the EZ tracks, so I don't use it much there. I've adapted a homemade UEG to my Hilti.)
So, I really don't know.
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