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Default Folding leg answer

Sorry! I would have answered earlier, but in the process of moving and much is in disarray.
The EZ1 is available with folding legs as is the Journeyman. Just call the customer support and you will get the answer you need. I have assembled the Journeyman and the EZ1. The EZ1 retrofit kit is an issue as the early manufacturing specs were not as good as the current system, and the retrofit will need to work close with the customer support. I LOVE the new legs on both units. I think they are worth the effort to upgrade if needed and I would not want an EZ1 without the folding legs.

Yes the legs were ready but the web host and marketing company is not helpful and not making the changes as fast as needed. Yes the company is working on solutions but there is much to do and in due time all will be righted.

I do not work for the company and I am not paid to administer the website. I do get to test and help with product development from time to time. I am not paid. I do this because I love the products. Just hang in with the company and it will be worth the effort.
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