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Adding the 45 ledge sounds like a good idea, maybe that will be Plan "B". Unfortunately (you have to know something went wrong from that), when I bolted up the front bracket, I realized that I had a problem - it's way too high, and I guess I knew that but had just taken a couple minutes while the glue was drying and wasn't thinking. When I put the front bracket on later, it was obvious that it wouldn't work, the track attachment was hitting the top of the bracket. A few minutes watching the EZ1 video and I saw what I was doing wrong - they put the top of the bracket even with the SME, but then the fences sit on top of that so the work surface needs to be at least 1-1/2" above the top of the bracket (or, the top of the bracket needs to be 1-1/2" below the top). So, I need to make a plywood adapter to bolt to the extrusion, and then bolt the brackets to it. For a first cut, I'm going to take a 3/4" x 1/4" strip of oak, cut a rabbet on the back to clear the little lip along the top and then bolt that to the extrusion - I figure that the strip will hook on the lip and help to keep it from pivoting out. The plywood will have to be wide enough so that the bolts are outside the width of the bracket. Oh well, that's why I have a bucket of plywood scraps.............
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