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Originally Posted by nomad26 View Post
I searched all over for a video for the set up on the UEG. I would like a video to make sure I have this set up square .
I took allot of time to try and set it up square Seemed like I was fighting the process to much . Put my saw on it and ripped a full sheet of plywood and it came out a strong 1/8 off. Not sure if the plywood was out of square. But it would sure be nice to have a video of some written instructions on how to set it up and use it. Do I need to measure the front and back of the blade to the fence each time I set it up ?
I recall such a setup video that Dino made. If memory serves me correct, the check for proper alignment was to ensure that the edge of the saw base and the fence had no gaps when butted up to one another.

Remember this is an edge guide, so it will make parallel cuts to your reference edge that the fence is run along. So I would measure the piece you cut at both ends and if it is the same then the saw is cutting straight and parallel.


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