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Default Arthritis--tools and remedies

For years I managed my arthritis using SAM-e supplements, then recently it got much, much worse, where I could hardly do anything with my hands, both a loss of strength and lots of pain. Well, I am going to see the doctor soon to figure out what's going on, but in the meantime am trying some other home/alternative remedies that seem to be working and I'll post here if they work.

One hand tool I've found that is great for arthritis is from Master Mechanic (True Value). It's a racheting screwdriver but a bit different than others. It really gives a lot of leverage and you turn it in both directions. Here's a link: of the Month&keyword=screwdriver#fullDescription It's really amazing, if you watch the video, you'll see what I mean.

Another low tech thing I use is those rubberized waffle-weave jar openers or even gardening gloves when I need more strength for the task at hand, like untightening bolts. (Never use gloves with power tools esp. with a blade, though).

I also have some back problems and really like the ez one, because it is higher than many standard workbenches (like at the place I take woodworking classes).

I'll post more later, but I thought this thread could be for anyone else to post any tools they thought useful for woodworkers with arthritis or limited hand strength.
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