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Thanks for the reply. These are quite new, so I was hoping someone with one of the push clamps would chime in. I should have worded it that way.

I use a beveling jig that holds my wood at an incline while I cut along a level track, and I have a hard time with clamps sliding down the incline between cuts as I adjust the wood. The regular EZ clamps work pretty well, but the tightening wheel on these guys looks perfect to me for this specific scenario.

My only other concerns then are how well they tighten down, and the holding force of such a low profile clamp and its auto-tightening mechanism. Larger wood pieces really don't want to stay put during the cut stroke (I'm usually making non-square items, so things want to slide to one side).

Anyway, I don't have any projects requiring the jig at the moment, so I may wait and see if anyone else has some feedback down the road. Thanks again.
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