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Ha! Yeah, today the Rebuilding Sale is no longer listed on the web site. It was there yesterday. It had been on since just a few days after the hurricane bumped into Florida (Eurekazone is located in Florida) and I was kind of surprised it stayed that long.

Several folks have discussed the possibility of Eurekazone making what would essentially by a plain smooth Smart Base - without the setup for the circular saw - on which a router or planer could be mounted as needed by the user and then that could be attached to the UEG arms. So far that has not come out.

The Super Smart Router Kit (SSRK) will not attach to the UEG. It is designed to run along a guide rail extrusion. Several of the Eurekazone videos show this pretty well. Having and using different lengths of extrusion gives you the flexibility to handle different dimensions of materials being routed. I have several 50" lengths (an older size that was sold), a 64" (because I think that's best for cutting across the 48" width of plywood), and a 25" length that I use with the EZ Smart Square (though I think a 36" length guide rail would be better - then again the 48" rail would do OK if I positioned it to balance well).

For very repeatable positioning of dados on a large panel I think the EZ-One's 6-way stops will do a fantastic job of placing each of the panels in the exact same place on the table surface - relative to the guide rail. Then you can use the 72" guide rail to run the SSRK (with router attached). If you needed to do mirror images then you could buy a few additional 6-way stops and use both sides of the guide rail (left and right side). Heck, you could use the Y-Limit Stops that are used with the SSRK too.

If the material being routed sticks too far off to one side or the other Eurekazone sells extensions for the squaring and sliding rails that extend the width of the table (you add your own 2x4 legs). I don't have those extensions ... yet.

I have a Bosch 1617 router package that came with a fixed base and a plunge base. I chose to purchase a second plunge base and attached that to the SSRK, so that I can use the router with the original bases (non-EZ) or with the SSRK. Not sure if that was necessary, but it kept my options open.

By the way, I do think the EZ-One makes a pretty amazing clamp table too. Heck, you can even use the channels on the outside top extrusions to clamp material. Some of the folks who post here do amazing things with those extrusions - creating their own setups and jigs to do whatever is needed. The table's end & side rails have the SSME's dovetail channel on both sides, while the squaring & sliding rails have the SSME's dovetail channels facing upward and downward. Not exactly sure if anyone's used the bottom one, but of course the top one is the key to using the 6-way stops and any of the other smart clamps and bench clamps.

The used EZ-One I purchased came with a big assortment of both types of clamps - I was a very lucky buyer.

Clearly lots of people out there use table saws for much of their key woodworking cuts, and a bunch of them get bit in one way or another. I've been sooo tempted several times to purchase a Bosch 4100 table saw, but I choose not to put myself in that position. When younger I was cutting a tree limb with a bow saw when the blade did just one jump off the wood and onto my left index finger. Luckily there was no long-term damage, but just that one little bump of the blade took plenty of stitches. I've seen pictures of what a table saw blade will do. On top of that there's the kickback thing - that you've had the "pleasure" of experiencing. I hope I never find myself in the path of a wood missile.

I wish you the best in your decision-making. Money doesn't come easy, and I for one encourage you to choose the path that is right for you. That's the important thing.

Ken K.
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