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Default Bad Potential Sales Experience

EZ Bench Clamps

I haven't bought from EZ since Dino left. Really no reason to I have about everything he offered. I saw the bench clamps were on sale and I had a 10% coupon so I thought I'd bite on a package of four 6" clamps. They came to I think $63 until I added shipping of $20! I e-mailed asking if they had less expensive way to ship but no response. So I called today and was told shipping is based on cost and they don't make money on shipping...WHAT! Claimed they needed to talk to the general manager to see if shipping could be reduced - no call back all day. Just for grins I looked at the site this evening and noticed they no longer offer the four pack of 6" clamps I wanted - I'll bet they noticed afer I called that it was the best deal and removed they.

Back to no reason to buy again - heck I don't even use anti-chip strips anymore.

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