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Kinda weird post.
I've had a terrible experience, company has bad customer service, I'm going to buy more and get more committed to that company.

Originally Posted by Minnesota Marty View Post
I too have had terrible experience with the company. The customer service is terrible. Great product but terrible customer service. I have started to acquire product on Craigslist from other dissatisfied and frustrated customer. I purchased two saw bases from two guys that could not get the bases to line up with the saw they were using and they read the directions to a "t" and still couldn't figure it out. So, I use the wood block method for aligning the saw base on a saw and I tend to get the bases pretty right on. I am going to keep purchasing the track, clamps and guides and eventually will have to deal with the company to get the parts I need to make things work.
Rockler has been a little bit of a help they at least try and they cannot be experts on everything in their stores.
It's just sad that a very good product has no one supporting the customers.

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