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I've seen a few of this kid's videos. He seems like some kind of "Tony Stark" of woodworking. How did he score that huge Festool arsenal? When I was his age barely had enough money for gas for my aging Chevelle.

The other guy seems fairly innovative I his own right.

I have a Kreg shelf pin jig, as well as, their 32mm hinge jig. For the price and small jobs, they're​ fast and the shelf pin jig is handy for pieces that are already assembled. I have the drawer slide jigs, too, but don't find them as helpful or necessary. If I have to replace the Kreg stuff I may go another way.

Like you, I think a router makes a cleaner cut and if I wanted to seriously increase my output, I'd find a deal on a used line boring machine on eBay or Craigslist.

I think using EZ components to make a 32mm system is very doable. Like theirs, a rail could be drilled with indexing holes and​ a corresponding indexing pin added to base of the SSRK. It would be a lot less expensive than the green stuff and more durable than plywood.

Heck, why not? I've just about talked myself I to it!

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