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Ha! I can picture the little Kreg jig flying. Yeah, for small a small job like a bathroom vanity, 10-12 linear feet of cabinets, I'm happy with the smaller Kreg jigs (shelf pin, hinge, K4, etc.)

Last winter, I built 27 linear feet of face frame Shaker style (uppers and lowers) and a 7 ft. island. I'll never do another job that big with those tools. Since I mostly work solo, I'm not likely to take on another job that big by myself anyway.

Last year my biggest indoor jobs were a large kitchen, small kitchen, a couple of bathrooms, and a large built in. That's just not enough to justify dedicated power tools for shelf pins and such.

I did look long and hard at the Woodpecker shelf pin jig. More expensive than others mentioned but it is made of aircraft aluminum. For me, the Kreg was just too inexpensive to pass up. Another concern, lifting and resetting a router versus just sliding it along a rail from one indexed hole to the next. But after a few hundred times it all gets old.

I have the SSRK. It wouldn't be hard to modify it and a guide rail to work like Festool's 32mm system.

I also have a Mpower CRB7 router base. I prefer it for off rail work, and it already has place for a pin and a fence.
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