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OK, so I'm looking at the SSRK and can imagine the following two attachments that would facilitate 32 mm spacing: An ACE-rail that provides the 32 mm spacing, and an SSRK attachment that fixes the X position of the SSRK along a guide rail.

I picture a flat aluminum or steel (for durability?) rail that would slide into the same guide rail slot used by the Anti-Chip Edge and would somehow fasten to the rail so it lies basically in the same position as the ACE and won't slide up and down the guide rail. This ACE-rail would have holes spaced 32 mm apart. Of course this provides the spacing between shelf pin holes.

The aluminum extrusion on top of the SSRK rail slider is the T-Track extrusion. The "overhang" part of the T-Track extrusion is used to tighten the Y direction rail, which leaves the main T-Track groove available to mount something - a something that would fasten the rail slider to the ACE-rail holes so it doesn't move while drilling the shelf pin holes, but allow it to easily slide to the next ACE-rail hole.

Boy, this is hard to explain, but I picture an attachment that slides and fastens into the T-Track groove. The part of the attachment that remains outside of the groove extends over the ACE-rail.

The end of that part would have a flat springy piece that rides on top of the ACE-rail which has a steel post that would insert into one of the ACE-rail holes and fasten the SSRK into an X direction position. You'd use a plunge router to drill a shelf pin hole. When ready to move to the next hole 32 mm up or down the rail you lift up on end of the flat springy piece to release the pin from the hole, slide, and let go so the steel pin drops down into the next ACE-rail hole. Push the plunge router down to drill the next shelf pin hole ... and continue.

It would seem best to have the ACE-rail on side of the guide rail opposite the router - so the router could slide as close to the guide rail as possible.

Does this make sense??

Ken K.
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