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Originally Posted by TheXMan View Post
Nice to know they sound good and are really that efficient. I had to make a spreadsheet to try and get a clearer picture of all that he is offering and how they compare. If the specs are on target then there are some real jewels in there. Lots to think about, I was just looking over the table Tuba before I came back here and saw your post. So it was really good timing. lol Last nite I came across a youtube test of a Tuba 24, it was impressive at 1 volt. Are your speakers your own build or are the from a plan also? Was also very interested in his line array designs. For what I was going to pay for a couple of Vegas I can put together a rock'in home theater system using line arrays, oh man, can't wait! This took me back to my mobile audio days.
I don't think you'll be disappointed with any of bill's designs.

The two small speakers in this thread were based on Chris Roemer's pico neo. I gave them away as a gift. My dimensions are slightly different, but internal volume is the same. I also ported them in the front instead of the rear, since these were going to be used with a laptop on a computer desk.

if you're looking for something small and cost effective, i'd look into the overnight sensations. It will run you about $120 for the pair between crossover components and drivers.

my personal speakers I did not build. There are so many i'd like to put together, but I can't bring myself to get rid of my la scalas

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