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Originally Posted by sean9c View Post
Man, I've read the same complaints from EZ for years and the same promises for years. What I do know is that there's been no development of existing EZ tools for years. There have been no new EZ tools in years. Any momentum EZ once had is gone. It's just the same talk.
I don't know about that, I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the upgrade for the UEG - i.e. the new molded brackets - which I hope is going to eliminate the problem of the frame going out of square if it gets bumped.

Stopped working on it, hoping to get back to it soon - but I had the idea that the orange handle would be more user-friendly (at least for me) if it was moveable and could be moved closer to the saw when making wider rips. I reset the saw on the base to get the required 3" groove-to- blade dimension so that I could use the fin but haven't had a chance to really test whether the fin helped. I don't have a problem on narrow rips, but then I don't normally make narrow rips with it - normally rip the sheet in half (23-1/4 - 24" depending on frame or frameless) or 12"+/- for upper cabinets, narrow rips are easier (for me) on the TS. I had the idea that having the orange handle 5 - 6" inside the reference edge of the sheet is going to be more user-friendly (for me at least) and allow me to pull on the handle (towards the saw) and keep the fence tight to the edge of the plywood. I'm finishing up a project now - at least to the finishing stage (no pun intended) - so will be picking up more plywood soon and hope to be able to test my theory. The photos show the latest concept; the handle needing to go on the arms before the saw/base are mounted which I can't see as a problem.
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