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Originally Posted by Absinthe View Post
I haven't thought of that quite so much as going back to the Masonite and MDF concept track. Though, perhaps something with a rail, maybe leverage the ez saw base. Or come up with a base of my own to replace the brittle breaking one, and the warpy twisty one. FWIW, I love the concept, and the guide rails are pretty awesome, but the base is not ready for prime time. And definitely not priced at a point were I could replace when needed and afford to put one on each of my saws. Some of my saws would more than double in cost if I put an EZ Base on it Still considering the SSRK though, but I have some misgivings even at the current price deal
best thing is to get some 1/4" masonite and make your own tools.
If you meed any parts and advice we're here to help you.

have fun.
ycf dino
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