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Default Okay, I did my tests... - Denise Ohio

Between my PC Mag and the 5008. The PC Mag doesn't have an AC-2 (I can't remember where I put 'em), but I went ahead.

First rips on maple using the same rail I have been using. Same result---both saws definitely showed blade marks on the edge of the material. Not even close to a finished edge.

I swapped rails. Second rips on maple resulted in better edges, but still not finish level. The PC Mag's results looked better, even without the AC-2.

I swapped material. Third rips on cedar. The PC Mag's result was better than the 5008. The PC Mag gave me finished edges, while the 5008 showed saw blade marks.


1. The first rail I was using may have something going on with it. I've used the rails a lot in all sorts of conditions, often as guide rails for 2x material with either the PC Mag off the rails or to guide my Bigfoot. Perhaps I bent the rail or did something else to it. It looks okay, but honestly, I didn't put it up against a straight edge or anything. I'll check that tomorrow.

2. Somethings up with the 5008. How do I go about checking/fixing the Smart Base?