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Mike, I'm sure you have heard of Bill Fitzmaurice and his site. A lot of the speaker building guys on this forum have come over from there. I can't speak for the rest of them, but I build Bill's plans and let him do all the work you mentioned in your post. I appreciate folks who can design their own boxes, but I don't have the time or drive to dedicate to learning all of that.

That said, I am just finishing up a set of PA tops and subs. These cabs match to cabs I built a couple of years ago, so I am doubling my system. I built Bill's OmniTop 12s with a flat melded piezo tweeter array, loaded with Eminence Deltalite 2512s. The subs are T39s at a whopping 28" width and loaded with 3012lfs.

Cabs are finished, just have to leak test them then set up all the processing gear. Doing all of that tomorrow.
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