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I had a similar choice and concerns regarding long rips and squaring up panels. I chose EZSmart and have been very happy.

Like you experienced with Festool, it requires a different approach. For example, cross cuts before rips. Once I got my mind around it, my work is as fast or faster and much safer.

Regarding a couple of your other concerns:

The UEG really is easier, faster, safer, and more accurate for breaking down sheet goods, especially for a one man operation like mine. I recommend a dedicated saw for it if you regularly break down sheet goods. (Also, a centipede sawhorse) I won't ever go back to manhandling plywood across a table saw again.

For the money, you can't build a table that is as versatile as the EZ1, especially with folding legs. The sliding rails and adjustable stops make it infinitely more versatile than anything else out there. I tried to spec out a portable aluminum table and quickly realized the value of the EZ1.

As for repeatable accuracy, the only way I could improve my EZSmart is to somehow incorporate an Incra LS into it. Frankly, once you square your rail and set your stops, it's dead on until you change it. Great for repetitive work.

I'm still tempted by Sawstop and Euro sliders but, when reality sets in, EZSmart is not only safer but easier on the wallet. And we haven't even discussed the routing capabilities!

It's not perfect, nor is it the last tool I'll ever need but my work is safe, efficient, and profitable.

I suggest watching the YouTube videos if you haven't already done so.
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