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How are you going to cut up panels on a bandsaw? Has to be a really deep throated one.

Originally Posted by philb View Post
Not sure I understand how and what you want to do -- but If I have the right image, I would not be doing these cuts on anything but a band saw. Just like a table saw you can build support tables. that will let you rip the wood in a lengthwise manner. None the less you can also use the multiform table package and a saber saw (Jigsaw). I have a Bosch industrial that with the right blade will go every bit as fast as a circular saw. The band saw is the faster option if you are making lots of that type of cut. Building a table surround and set the fence in place, use a fast cut blade and you are off and running. I have done the same and finished planing the sides for a smooth finish cut. When I build a bunch of cabinets, I have face frame pieces to mill out. When you need it you will have a band saw for those odd to make cuts.
Sorry I do not have any photos, and still in the process of moving, so my shop is a long way from set up.
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