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Never understood guys that cut up panels first with a tracksaw and then recut with a table saw. Pick one or the other, either used correctly should give you accurate cuts.
Don't know what you were doing with Festool, it should have worked. If you were marking panels and setting your tracks to marks it won't work, it doesn't matter what system. You will not get repeat accurate cuts. You need to be setting up to hard stops.
UEG works great. That takes care of your rip cuts. You need to be able to index off a straight edge. Have a dedicated saw in your UEG, saws just aren't that expensive.
Crosscuts are a little more difficult, the EZ1 would do them well if you can afford it. Theoretically the ideal tool is the EZ Cabinetmaker but in practicality it's finicky, where it is let down is that it uses the EZ Square. If set up and handled correctly it works OK.
You want to rip 1" wide strips from a 8ft 1x4? You could do it using EZ stuff but it's slow unless you take time and make a setup to do it. IMO you won't beat a TS for that.
What's the best for you? That's up to you. EZ will do all you need but there will be a learning curve and you might have to get creative.
A TS is pretty much guaranteed to do all you want, but if you're scared of it that's a problem. Also for a TS to cut panels efficiently you'll need infeed, outfeed and side support tables. So, with all that it'd probably be 8ft wide and 12ft long. You have to have the space to dedicate to it.

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I appreciate the responses so far, but I'm still a little skeptical about investing in this system. The website has a tab for weekly specials, but I have not seen anything there since I've begun seriously considering EZ. Also, some of their packages are more expensive than simply buying the pieces individually. The latest one, for example, is the table with the folding legs and the ultimate clamping set, with shipping. The shipping would have to be over $100 for that package to save you any money. It just doesn't seem the company puts much thought into their business plan or website. That makes me wonder if this company is about to go under. Again, I really want to like this system, but I'm looking at a $1000 to $2000 investment. That's a lot of money to me, and it'd buy a nice Grizzly cabinet table saw. I know I can accomplish what I want to do using a table saw. The EZ system and business are still unknows to me.
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