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Default I was not complete in explaining.

Sorry! I read the part about where he could not understand how to rip 1 inch strips from 8' 1"X 4" lumber. I was referring to that question. I should have been clearer as to what part of the question I was answering. The band saw is how I solved the problem.
Many of my approaches are not the same as other woodworkers. The problem with me is that I am disabled. Part of the time I work from a wheel chair, some times not. My left arm is useless for most things, and now I have a canted neck that will not support my head completely. I use EZ because I am able to make it bend to my will. I can work regardless of the challenges. If my methods seem a bit odd -- well I guess all of me and my methods are odd. I dislike the UEG because I can not find a way to operate it with one hand. The EZ system has lots of ways I can clamp, hold cut and work. The table saw is just not a good option so I do things the way I can. I guess that defines us. We want things the way we want them and will not compromise -- including me.
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