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That sounds good. I'd looked at the EZ1 a while back and passed on it for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it didn't seem to be slanted to the way that I would use it close to 100% of the time. I first rip the plywood sheet to width (UEG) and then cross-cut to give me finished panel size, and the EZ1 didn't seem, at least from what I saw on your site, best suited for this operation. Secondly, I read numerous comments about the problems with keeping it square. My PBB design has t-tracks in the top for attaching the fence which allows it to be easily squared to the track. Also,, there seemed to be a lack of literature on the use of the EZ!, and I felt that, given the cost of the unit, that the potential learning curve would be too steep - but that may just be me, I need both hands on and instructions in order to pick up something new.

I would consider having the accurate hole pattern on the drop ins as there are many advantages in addition to the ability to easily square up the track and fence, the holes provide a means to clamp parts and fixtures to the top, a plus if you go away from the open framework.
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