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Default EZ-One vs Table Saw

Wasn't sure where to post this, so here I am. I did research two or three years ago trying to decide whether to get a new table saw, go the Festool route or go with Eurekazone products. I've had a couple of serious kickbacks using table saws, and really prefer a different route. I chose Festool back in 2015, but found that system slow, tedious and, of course, expensive. I used to rough cut sheet goods, then take the cutoffs to the table saw to square up and cut to final dimensions. I had very little waste, and the process was very quick. Then I had the kickbacks sending me to the hospital followed by weeks of physical therapy. When I tried to cut sheet goods down to final dimensions with Festool I had a great deal of trouble getting things as square as I wanted. I bought some accessories to help with that, and they worked well. However, it took forever compared to a table saw. I got so fed up with it, I sold all the Festool products and accessories I had. I'm now back to deciding between another tablesaw (don't really like that idea) and Eurekazone. I still don't see how EZ can match a table saw for ripping 8' 1x4 lumber, for example, down to 1" strips. Also, aside from marking two ends of 8' plywood and positioning the track on the marks (leads to inaccurate cuts), how do you rip plywood accurately? I know about the UEG, but how accurate is it? I've read where it's a pain to go back and forth from the UEG to track use. I've also read where the EZ-One has to be adjusted frequently to keep the cuts square. In addition, it seems that work table is expensive for a few pieces of extruded aluminum. I want to like the EZ product line, but after being bitten by a table saw and losing money on Festool products, I want to be sure this time before investing in it. Anyone have any advice they'd be willing to share?
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