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Default More than one way

There are several ways to make a cabinet back. If I am not going to have the back side exposed to people I use single strip ply cut to 3/4"X4" running along the top back side and a nailer or two running the same for fastening to the wall. Upper cabinets are where I have made the full back.

I switched to the Sommerfeld Cabinet method about three years ago. Love it and it is easier to do. More costly if you use their tooling but I have yet to make a cabinet or dresser that was out of square, or sub standard. Uses more glue but the product is sound.

this is a set of plans for a kitchen.

They have a YouTube channel and it is the same video in four parts. You can see what Sommerfeld tools do and what it takes.
Just an idea and I do not make cabinets every day so I need all the help I can get. I do need lots of help!
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