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Maybe my approach is too simplistic. When a cabinet requires a full back, I usually just cut the back as an inset; no rabbet, no routing. I'll either glue and nail, if painting; or pocket screw the back, if staining. If the back will show, I use either veneer or door panels.

I've looked long and hard at Sommerfelds method. It sounds to me exactly as philb describes. Sommerfeld is a good teacher. One thing he doesn't emphasize is the need for quality plywood. Ever tried cutting a tongue in the cheap stuff? Another thing is to be careful with the glue because it won't take stain. In fact, I learned the hard way to stain my panels before assembly to avoid glue/stain problems. Anyway, what's​ kept me from using his system is the learning curve. If get a chance, I'd like to try it.
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