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I both agree and disagree with Dino. I'd use nothing less than 3/4" ply.

My uncle built his kitchen in the '70's from 3/4" hard maple ply and they're holding up fine. They were stained and finished but never painted. The doors are rabbeted for a 3/8" over lay, not edge banded. So I know it can be done, or could have in the past. I don't know where to get plywood like he used. It may not exist anymore.

Secondly, the 90+ year old house we now live in has some kind of hybrid cabinets that are both face frame and frameless. They're old and ugly but they are straight, including the plywood doors. They're painted but not edge banded so I can see the plies. Again, maybe they don't make that kind of plywood anymore but, obviously, at one time they did.

I used 3/4" domestic birch ply for my shop cabinets(carcasses, doors and drawers fronts) and finished with a few coats of poly. They're euro style but I didn't bother to edge band them. I only heat or cool my shop when I'm in it. This morning it was -3 and I'm not going out there. In the summer, it's been over 115. So far, I have had no issues going on 3 years. I also live in very dry climate.

Third, I made a cabinet a couple of years ago for a customer who supplied solid core 3/4" 3-ply with 1/8" mahogany veneer on both sides. He insisted I use it for everything, doors included. I don't know where he got it but it worked. However, unless he got it for free I can't believe he saved that much over solid wood.

Maybe these examples are the exception.

That said, I can't imagine recommending plywood doors to a paying customer.
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