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Default A few pitfalls

I thought I'd post a few pitfalls. I'll add to this post if I find more.

The biggest source of these problems for me was changing the dimensions and at the same time converting from imperial to metric. I wanted it to fit the Bosch LBoxx system (instead of the systainers) so I made it wider and I decided to make the tops 4'x8' since this is standard and I had some SME extrusions that were 8' and cutting a few inches off each one seemed a pain and a waste.

Total novice at metric, here. Now I'm a fan, though because it is a far superior system, more exact, easier to add, subtract, etc. But a pain learning while changing dimensions on what, for me, is a complicated plan. The plans come sized for imperial plywood sizes but the actual parts are all metric.

Because things have to fit together and pivot, it's tricky to figure it all out if you change dimensions. Maybe not for an experienced woodworker, but I'm still treading water in the novice end of the pool.

I ended up making my first top too narrow for the carcase. It will become a somewhat narrower extension table with a few additions of parts. Measure carefully and adjust to fit once the carcase is finished, just like you would with drawer widths.

I also made the underneath shelf too wide. It doesn't fit neatly in the space when folded up. No big deal for me, but the shelf won't store properly. Photo one shows where you should measure to fit if you change the overall width of the plan.

Measure the leg connector boards to fit without binding. My first extension table binds slightly. No biggie, though.

For the cart where you make the leg connectors attach to the legs is important I changed the top connector because the mortise for the hinges was too deep and I wanted more wood to hold the top connector (second photo). So instead of the top connector being flush with the outside of the legs, I made it flush with the inside. This worked fine. But, when I did the same with the middle leg connector, it would not fold up completely. So this should be flush with the outside of the legs when the table is set up (third photo). I changed it with not too much stress, though. Just drilled through the dowels and used pocket hole screws to fix it. See pictures below.

For the extension table leg connectors I made the reinforcing boards taller than called for. Again, I thought it would make a stronger table since weight was not a factor. Oops, the taller boards obstructed the legs, so I had to change that. Somewhat ugly fix for this. Luckily I assembled the first one and found my mistake early. The second one was a breeze.

Most of this was easily remedied, but took extra time. A few other pitfalls in other sections, later.
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