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Thanks for the link, Mark. Very handy video to see the many ways to use the table with holes in the top. Those parf dogs are beautiful. I love well-designed and well-machined things like that. They are reasonably priced, too.

I do plan to make the top with the holes in it, but still haven't decided on some of the details. The plans call for 1/2" mdf, but that just seems too flimsy for the dogholes. I'm thinking of making a top with holes for one of the extension tables instead, and using thicker mdf. Also, I was thinking of using 3/4" dog holes, rather than the metric 20mm ones. For one thing, I already have the router bits for that. But the parf dogs are tempting, I'll admit. And MDF does dull the bits, so maybe a dedicated bit makes sense.

Then I want to make a jig that is very exact. I've seen various plans for that, but something I could use with the SSRK would be ideal. Then there's not much to it, but making the jig will take some time. If I make a really good jig, the process is easily repeatable and I won't balk at using it as a sacrificial surface, since MDF is so cheap.

Still thinking it over. For now, that rough plywood top is what I'll use on the cart since I have it. The first one is almost done, still needs a final finish and some drawers, the second one is a bit further behind, but I'm still working out the shop space for it.

ETA, I don't think you could just use them with the ez track and no bridge. The festool track demonstrated has a sticky bottom strip that "holds" it to the workpiece. You'd have to clamp the ez track using smart clamps, but they could be used for alignment. I'm interested in them as stops/for fences, for routing, etc.

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