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There is a drill press trick that involves setting a "pin" 32 mm from the bit along a fence. So once you have drilled the first hole you can drill any length of holes the same distance apart. I think there should be a reasonable way of applying that to a router base. Just need a detentes perhaps a ball catch, or an embedded airsoft pellet or something.

If you are using the 32 mm system, I see no purpose in the drawer slide jig, since you should be using your system holes to place the hardware.

The cup drilling jig, works much better if you are sucking up the the curls while you do it. Otherwise it clogs. (Figured that out the other night.)

When I did a 768mm cabinet I had to move that kreg jig so many times to get all the holes in the panel I was ready to throw it across the room. The rockler beats that one for ease of use and convenience of including the drill bit. However, the Euro Limited carbide drill bit makes a beautifully clean hole, worth every penny. They sell the bit and the holder separately. but they self center in a 10mm hole (3/8) which is pretty standard as far as these templates go.

I think I was seeing the used 6 and 13 head line boring machines going between 600 and 1000. But you are certainly buying someone else's problems with one of those machines. And if you think one router bit is expensive....

The way I understand the SSRK they have stops. So if you have a spacer. you set your first position make your hole. Move the stop against the base, loosen the other stop. Then put your spacer against the base and move the stopper against it. Then move the base. Make a hole... lather rinse repeat. But I don't have an ssrk to play with, if I did maybe I could be more accurate... But I don't have an extra 300 to do it myself.

I would like to take a look at the woodhaven jig, being that is 800 mm it should easily do whole panels in one setting.

The kid likely has some sponsors. Once you are doing a reasonable number of hits on youtube there is money to be made. But hey, I think I was cooking for money when I was his age... though I am not sure how young he is.
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