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Default Reusing EZ Base on different saw

So I traded out my old Skil saw for an old Makita saw.

I have to get a decent blade, but I also have to reuse the previous EZ Base.

I have some ideas on what to try, but I figure I should ask here first to see anyone who might already have a good technique or some suggestions. Seems like the fin might be a good alignment point, since it doesn't work at all with the one setup with supplied spacers.

I am open to suggestions on the best choice blade. I have seen reference to Diablo 40T and some have said "full kerf" But when I look up DIablo there are different kinds of 40T. COnstruction, Finishing, etc. etc.

I have a relatively new 140 Plywood blade, but I have seen that people here discourage anything over 60T.
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