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Originally Posted by Absinthe View Post
So far they appear to be holding rigid. Even though I haven't backed them up on the sides of the table they don't seem to be offering any flex either.

The bridge seems to not flex away from the table when moving it, even when the track is not attached to the back part of the bridge (because of the length). If it did, however, I would add 2 more bolts and attach it to both the top and bottom slot and it would definitely be dead on rock solid. I may do that anyway.

If I had ti to do over, I might have done the top cross ones a little differently, I would not have cut two slots in the top so quickly. I would have put one in the top and one underneath. I am still trying to come up with a 2-way sliding cradle, and debating cutting an additional slot in the bottom anyway.For the moment, I need to put them where I want them and slap a clamp on them if I don't want them to move.

very good. glad to hear it's solid.

Do you really need 4 sliding crosses on top? maybe just three? one for a fence, two to capture the wood. I can see how just two would work as well. since you seem to have multiple t-tracks in one "extrusion"

Are those two pieces of vertical ply acting as your fence? I noticed that the fence works better on the opposite end of the Bridge handle, because the downward-forward motion of the bridge pushes the material forward. Unless I have my bridge configured wrong? I'm starting to think i'd prefer an up and down hinge style rather than a handle so my wood stops moving. Not a problem on the EZ-one with the 6-way stop setup, but otherwise i find myself needing to readjust against the fence often.

Otherwise, go solid top (double 3/4" MDF) and eliminate the sliders completely? just need to embed some cheap t-track. That thing will be solid as a rock.

If you do solid top, you can even make festool style dog holes. Another member here, Mike, gave me the idea. There's a jig i had 3dprinted online for $11.50 shipped. I'll make a post about it once it arrives.

All budget friendly. I like it very much!

*Disclaimer: I know what i'm talking about 50% of the time, every time...
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