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Hi Dino,

Do you have any drawings? Or precise details?

I understand the overall concept, but have zero idea how any of this will be put into practice.

For example, is the bridge being reoriented? -- you aluded to putting it on the edge so we no longer cut through ssme.

Use ez on a table saw? Use ezone as a safe table saw? Unlimited rip length? Super confusing.

I can understand how this would keep a potential buyer in limbo. Fear of missing out on improved tools or methods. While everything may be backwards compatible, I imagine most customers don't want to have to purchase additions or modify their current setups when they could have just saved time and effort by waiting a couple months.

Imagine a customer buying ez-one today at retail then realizing 2 months later he didn't need to cut through his ssme. Or that his table could have been smaller and lighter.

Of course, if precise details can't be shared until you file patents, then I understand. Letting us know you can't tell us exactly what's going on would be fine


*Disclaimer: I know what i'm talking about 50% of the time, every time...
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