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Originally Posted by tomp913 View Post
Here are the photos that I promised of the longer square that I had EZ make for me, as well as a couple showing using my fixture to square up the track.

My intent was to have the square capable of repeatedly cutting off base cabinet sides at 34-1/2" - looks like it will cut 47-3/4" using the stop - EZ probably used a 4' length of extrusion to make it. You can see the comparison between it and the standard EZ square, which I still use if I'm cutting random lengths as it's a little more manageable in my smallish shop.

Setting/checking the square is just a matter of pushing the square against the plywood edge, pushing the track until it touches the aluminum strip and then reaching underneath and tightening the two knobs.

I've been wanting to build a squaring jig for a while and you've inspired me to take the 10 - 15 minutes required to do it. It will do double duty as I'll use it to square my EZ One as well.

I love the longer square you had made and the stop block. Conceptually it looks easier to set up and bang out repeated crosscuts than doing it on the EZ One.

Thanks for sharing...
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