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Originally Posted by tomp913 View Post
Finally back in the shop after the doctor signed off on me yesterday.

Took a minute to look at the attachment of the Bridge brackets to the Festool extrusions, and it actually looks as if it will work - even as is. Which is good as I can't find enough thick aluminum to make the adapters (plus I need to work around the problem of my buddy taking his mill with him when he moved to SC ), thinking though that I can mock something up out of 1/2" BB, give me a chance to make any changes while still relatively easy. I think though that the set-up is workable as is - the t-bolts clamp it nice and tight, plus there is a second contact at the top of the extrusion that's going to keep it from rocking. Want to start playing with it but need to finish up what I've got started as I don't have enough room for all the projects I have started now.
Love it when things work out, Tom.

Looks like one easy way out might be to a) replace the horiz. piece on the EZ bridge that holds the arms with a new piece of HDPE to extend across the Festool extrusion; b) add a "V" on the bottom of that new HDPE to ride in the top of the extrusion; c) drop the bridge to let that new HDPE ride on the top of the extrusion.

Seems that might help with rigidity as well as easy on/off and sliding.
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