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Surprised so far. I got this largely so I could test a "euro" style tracksaw I've been eyeing the Makita for some time but at 500-600 dollars that's a big chunk of change. The things I wasn't sure if I'd like first & foremost was the plunge never used one wasn't sure how I would like it.

Some complaints I've read is the spring on the plunge is too stiff. So far it seems fine to me. I'm 6'3" so maybe I have more leverage idk maybe I'll gro tired of it once I really put it to use. I did ditch the stock blade for an Oshlun blade right away. I trimmed the rubber edges today & overall I like the saw so far. Other than that I was simply testing out how it feels on the track & how the connected tracks work.

I moved the saw & tracks to the edge of the panel I was on used the saw to align the tracks tightened the connector bar left a slight gap in tracks. Ran smooth across the transition in tracks for me.

My thoughts so Far :

Smooth on track the track adjustments worked good for eliminating slop
Pretty quiet for a saw
Will cut through a 2x on the track
Connected tracks work without issue
Track stays put with the foam rubber gripper strips

No way to lock the plunge in down position for blade change
No on board storage for Hex key
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