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Old 08-15-2014, 07:02 PM
aaronp aaronp is offline
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Since you bring it up (and I don't feel like working at the moment) here are some other alternates that each have merit:

1. Jorgensen 3" hold down. This one's strong but cheap. It uses a through-bolt with cotter pin design that adapts easily to EZ (redundant?). If you use a nylon lock nut with the connector you get the free spinning clamp solution I mentioned before. Plus, with it's wide foot print, you can clamp this down pretty heavily without worrying about the track bending. Peachtree for $13.

2. Woodpecker Universal. I really like this one for two reasons— the knob for tightening down the base is very handy, and you can also turn it around for a tall makeshift fence. I only wish the clamping pad were free spinning, as it tends to turn the workpiece as you tighten it down. Unfortunately, I don't see it on their site right now. Hopefully they just ran out and are making more.

3. Blokkz Blocks. These are primarily for clamping items together at strange angles, but they serve double duty as table clamps. Flip it around and the rounded end helps for clamping things that aren't necessarily flat. Check these things out— I love them. blokkzdotcom.
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Old 06-01-2017, 07:08 AM
CharlesLamotte CharlesLamotte is offline
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I am a bug fan of the magnetic clamps. But only if you dont drop them in piles of metal chips Another favorite is the adjustable jourgenson clamps often used in woodworking. I have a few 3 footers and use them pretty often. I seldom use C-clamps though I seem to be flypaper for them as of late.
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table clamps

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