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Old 12-11-2016, 10:19 PM
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Default Few questions after initial install of saw base

First timer here. I just bought the track system with the cabinet maker and the UEG.

So far everything seemed to assemble like a dream. Tonight I decided to attach the base to my SKIL 5350. I was able to drill and place bolts in the three holes that are in the track depression. There was no room to place any holes/screws on the opposite side of the base. I guess that I can put a screw in the front middle of the baseplate. Is that necessary, or are the three screws enough?

The plate inserts seem to take a lot of pressure to get into position. I assume they need to be placed and removed when moving between the track and the UEG am I correct? Although, the fin can be left in place for both operations?

Are there any tips for the trimming of the long strips and the other piece that goes on and needs to be "filed"? I will approach these with a clear fresh head tomorrow.

I also assume it might be best to get a saw dedicated to each operation. Is that what most people do?
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