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Old 12-15-2016, 08:54 AM
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Default Using cabinet maker and ueg to make cabinets

Is anyone actually using the "cabinet maker" + UEG combination to make cabinets?

Are you actually getting accurate reproducible cuts from the repeater?

How are you setup to make this work.

So far:

1. I have determined that when setup the UEG seems to cut pretty accurately to what the arrow indicated on the scale.
2. It is however, a tight fit to get the saw base on and off of the UEG (perhaps this is nit picking?)
3. The wood under the UEG needs to be somehow secured or the UEG+ saw combination will slide the wood all over the place.
4. If I could actually get the anti-splinter strip properly sized to my saw (which so far in 2 tries I haven't ... time for another tech support call) I assume I would have to strike a line and line up the strip to show where the cut were happening. The repeater on the other hand seems like more of a suggestion. Simply using the repeater and cabinet making square alone gave me lengths that were off by 1/16 to 1/8 with no two pieces out of 4 being exact same sized when laid one atop the other and one side squared.
5. Regardless of the splintering, I can't seem to get a consistently squared edge. Sometimes it is, and some times it isn't. I am doing my best to simply let the saw cut and the track guide, but when I clamp the resulting pieces edge to face it is fairly obvious that I am not getting consistently square edges.

I really want to fall in love with this system, but so far I am not having problems getting:

1. The strip edge properly cut with out it either tearing out and leaving either unstraight line or ending up to far away from the blade when it is finished.
2. The repeater does not seem to act as a positive stop that results in repeatable sizing with accuracy that would be sufficient for a square cabinet
3. I am not getting a consistent square cut relative to the track+square. it would seem that over the length of the track there is some give. If I place the square against a side and then measure from the edge of the panel to the track at both ends I will usually have to nudge one side of the other to get those measurements the same. This may only be off by as little as 1/16" over 3-1/2' but that is still not acceptable tolerances.

I have seen the video of Dino slapping what I only guess is an older version of the square onto a panel and making a cut, then moving to the cut side and doing it again and amazingly gets corner to corner matches proving square. No lines, no measurements no fiddling with the square to get it "set to square" even after taking it off and on the track. So I know in some world and in some way someone can do this.

So far, the only time I think I have gotten a decent cut is with just the track and having it clamped down and painstaking lined up to where I want it to cut. I have already been able to make those kind of cuts without this system can anyone help?
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