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Old 06-24-2016, 10:34 PM
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Default Lesson learned: EZSmart over chop saw every time!

Yeah, so I needed some of extra shelves for built-ins for a client. The UEG performed beautifully ripping the Baltic birch plywood to depth. Then I got lazy... Instead of removing my sidewinder from the UEG and using my PBB to cut my widths, I notice my SCMS just sitting there ready to go and it can do a12" crosscut. So, in a few short minutes I had all my shelves cut. Time to test fit! &#!%! My shelves aren't square! My SCMS has about 3/32" run out over 12". So, at 10.25" I was over 1/16" out on each edge! In other words, they don't fit squarely into the cabinets! Luckily, I had left them a little long. So, I dutifully put my sidewinder back on the EZ track and squared up 48' of shelves, not to mention cleaning up the cuts, as well.

Simply put, the chop saw isn't meant for finish work and EZSmart is! Lesson learned!
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