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Old 04-09-2018, 10:39 AM
ned_ ned_ is offline
Join Date: Apr 2018
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Default looking for a new saw

Hi all, I'm looking for a saw, that can use a track like the festool track, but that has a greater depth of cut than the 165mm blade saws (festool 55, makita sp6000 et al)

If the saw doesnt have a plunge action, thats okay.

I came across the Hilti WSC-265, which led me to this forum.

Wondering are there more saws similar to the hilti, in that they can be used with a festool track?

I have festool track, and a cheap tracksaw that sits on it. I had the TS-75 but found 2 things - Its too heavy, and I treated it like a princess since it was so expensive.
A princess power tool.... I sold it.

a festool TS 75 is 6.2kg

smaller saws like the TS 55 and the Makita SP6000 are 4.5kg-ish

Looking for something around 4.5kg but with more depth of cut than the 165mm blades offer.
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Old 04-09-2018, 11:36 AM
tofu tofu is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: nyc
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You're using the ez base or no? Because that cancels out any extra depth you'd get from a 7-1/4 saw, and anything bigger than that is heavy

*Disclaimer: I know what i'm talking about 50% of the time, every time...
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Old 04-09-2018, 11:57 AM
Nutcase Nutcase is offline
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Location: Vernonia, OR
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What about the Makita 5008MGA? 8 1/4" blade, 10.6 lbs. I've been well satisfied with mine. Easily reaches through 2 by x lumber on an EZ track. Dunno anything about adapting it to a Festool track.
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Old 04-09-2018, 06:13 PM
Tracedfar Tracedfar is offline
Join Date: Sep 2015
Location: Balko, OK
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+1 on the Makita 5008 MAG for depth of cut and power.

Also, the Makita plunge saw is nice enough to make any Festool fan think twice and I think some have used it on a Festool rail.

Hilti is nice. Mafell is very nice, too. Like Festool, they ought to be for the money.
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Old 04-09-2018, 08:00 PM
Absinthe Absinthe is offline
Join Date: Nov 2016
Posts: 271

There's always the Makita 5402 or HS0600

Isn't there a video of Dino using the 5402 on the EZ Track?

BTW, I love my 5008,
-- Abs
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Old 04-09-2018, 10:17 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 107

Time for battery power. Makita has 3 36volt models
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