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Old 05-06-2018, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Absinthe View Post
I have a thought Dino.

Trying to think outside the box. Right.. If nothing else, it is worth a phone call or two, or get a free sample and bang on it with a hammer or run it over with a truck and such.
Thanks for the links and info.
Look at the ez extrusions one more time.
I don't think I can start to explain all design features.
3 years in making and almost 1m to start.
dies, tooling, molds....machine shops and hundreds of prototypes.
designers, engineers and test runs.
modifications testing and more testing to come up with the first ever
self aligning-bi-directional and box extruded aluminum.
light enough to be portable and strong enough to build just about anything
that you need.
One page of the patent applications will show the details much better
that I can do it.

How we can make it for less and affordable to more people is the ez goal now.
Better and smaller with more capacity and capabilities.
one example is the UEG.
By far the best tool ever made to rip panels and wood.
The new brackets will arrive in few days. less than 2 weeks from now.
The brackets will allow many more uses, easy and quick manufacturing.
Lower pricing and the fuel needed to restart the ez fires.

I'm taking a whole new look in everything ( Including your suggestion)
in order to re-start ez and offer the best possible tool system for all.
All that without ( The hardest part) leaving the loyal ez supporters and customers in the dark and forcing them to aboard the ez ship or without
the ability to upgrade.

Thanks for the link. very interesting. If they can extrude the 80-20 I'm sure they can extrude few other designs that we need for the new EZ.
People don't like to cut aluminum...plastic is much better for some parts.

ycf dino
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