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Old 01-02-2018, 04:42 PM
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+1 on removing the toe kick from the carcasses and building a leveling grid to set the cabinets on. Saves a lot of time and frustration, especially during installation on bigger jobs and in old houses where nothing is level or square.

Dino is also right about outsourcing doors. It's faster and time is money and the options for finished doors are amazing. But the ordering process can be confusing with some manufacturers.

Aside from finishing the job and getting paid, creating nice raised panels and tongue and groove frames is very satisfying to me. Since I work alone, have the tools for it, and usually only do smaller jobs, it pays okay to do my own. If I took on a $60k job like Dino mentioned, I'd do it like he said, no doubt.

With cabinet carcasses, and most construction, speed is the key to making money. I'm too old and broken down to be fast. In fact, some would say I'm half fast. So, I focus on smaller jobs and higher end repair and restoration - the stuff that big shops can't do. I charge a premium but it's still less than the big shops would have to charge. Where a big shop might need
$500 just to show up, I can usually finish the job in a day for about that or a little more.

That's where the EZ system has been so useful. I can do quality and precision work safely on site. I can set up quickly and easily with solid tools that don't weigh a ton. And it didn't break the bank to get into it.

I've reached a point where I need to make a major upgrade so I'm closely watching for the coming changes at EZ, especially at the overall integration of the system for different tasks: sawing, routing, work holding, assembly, dust collection, and, of course, portability.
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