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Old 07-17-2018, 11:29 AM
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I'm blown away by that kind of functionality, Kenk. You're so right when you say the use is only limited by imagination.
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Old 08-05-2018, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by EliDuf View Post
I'm blown away by that kind of functionality, Kenk. You're so right when you say the use is only limited by imagination.
the ez concept is almost 20 years new now.
This is how long it take for Delta to buy the Fence by Beismier? ( typo here)
Now the the ez tracksaws , ez-one's-ssrk-smart tables,UEG's
smart clamping system, antichip protection and few more ez things....
we can setup dedicated production lines and not only lower the cost and final prices but offer more versatility and ease of use.
ALWAYS under the Dead Wood Concept theory...even if you move the wood.

The Bridge now is on special at $150.00? (from $250.00) 1
the 4 Pyramid kit with more parts at less than $40.00
the Ez-One at $1.000 fully loaded ( From $1499.00)

Anyway...ez is here to stay forever and the new tools will include more trades.
I'm working with the NY university to validate all new systems, ways, methods and tools for the industry. Schools, Unions, Vo-tech and more.
even if I have to go "NFP" ( not for profit) I'm ready to go.

Fast Track.
tricks, trades and tools.

for: Framing, Carpentry, Drywall, Finishing, painting , Flooring and just about All interior trades. We deal with exterior later.

This is EZ and as always we will need the support of all loyal customers, friends, inventors and more. More capital, more people and more health.
without your mental and physical health....there is no such of thing as ez.

thanks for posting

Just for the fun of it.
I had a crew doing some work in the house.
That included demolition-framing-carpentry-drywall
-painting- tiles-electric and plumping.

The contractor knew that I was a contractor before and he was willing to learn few tricks. well, I show him how to do easier-faster and stronger framing using a modified grinder and how to cut crown molding without a tape measure and a chop saw. On the step ladder. He estimated 50% labor savings and a much better job with no drywall dust ( zero) and with perfect walls that was ready for tiles.

this is the new ez. I hope we will see it soon.
ycf dino

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