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Old 04-08-2016, 04:35 PM
smozes smozes is offline
Join Date: Apr 2016
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Default Journeyman package

I'd like to order a package equivalent to the EZ One, but based on the Journeyman.

Currently in my shopping cart:


EZSmart Journeyman

EZSMART Super Smart Routing Kit

EZSMART EZ Ready MakitaŽ 5008MGA Circular Saw

EZSMART Universal Edge Guide With Universal Saw Base

EZSMART Cabinet Maker Set

EZSMART EZ Ready Bosch Plunge Router-2.3HP


It seems that I'll get the universal saw plate with the UEG, but I'm already ordering the EZ ready Makita 5008MGA.

I also see the bridge in the Journeyman photo, but that is also listed as a separate item.

I need help streamlining this order to avoid redundancies. Any other advice, maybe on needed clamps or extra long guides, repeaters would be appreciated.

What I need this for: we are going to remodel our house, we have a 1 car garage space so it must be stow-able, and dust collection is very important. We are not pros, so being super efficient and fast is less important than precision.

Kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, some studs/joists, trims. At a later stage we plan to build furniture, so expecting rough hardwood.

Thank you.

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Old 04-08-2016, 05:33 PM
kenk kenk is offline
Join Date: Feb 2012
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Good choices!

Get the "EZSMART Universal Edge Guide View our Video!" for $49 and you don't have to pay for the base.

Personally, I'd skip the Cabinetmaker and just use the Journeyman for crosscuts. Save your money for a Kreg Jig (hint hint).

I can't tell if the Journeyman comes with the Seven Stop Kit. You want that. Call EurekaZone to check if you haven't already. That will provide repeatable cross-cuts (what the cabinetmaker does).

Don't forget to buy the Bosch dust collection kit for that router.

I wouldn't bother with the cross-rail extension kit just yet. See you think you need it later.

By the way, the best advice I've heard on getting router bits is to start with the low cost MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set and then replace the bits you use the most - as needed - with higher cost bits. Don't forget that you can sharpen carbide router bits with a diamond sharpening paddle. Family Handyman just showed a "how-to" on Facebook.

I just got the Dust Rite hose & "bucket" from Rockler for dust collection. Haven't even hooked it up yet to report back on it. Be careful that your combined saw and shop vacuum don't over task your electrical circuit amperage.

Its exciting. Eurekazone ships really fast, so you'll be making sawdust soon!!
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Old 04-09-2016, 05:51 PM
Tracedfar Tracedfar is offline
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Location: Balko, OK
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Ditto on everything kenk said.

I would also get some bench clamps. They're shown in the ad pics for the Journeyman but not listed as part of the package. Don't be surprised if you need a better blade than comes on the saw.

I keep a large (18-24") square handy to check my table every time I have to set it up and even when setting up odd cuts.

For portable dust collection, a Rigid 6.0HP shop vac at Home Depot is a hard deal to beat. They also have a variety of hoses and connections you'll need. Think about a Dust Deputy or similar to save on filter replacement and wear and tear on your shop vac. For a stationary system, the Harbor Freight 2HP unit is a gem and easily converts to a two stage system for efficiency.

Lastly, don't hesitate to scour this forum or ask questions. The guys here have dealt with just about every situation you'll face. They've helped me with several issues.

Good luck and have fun!
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Old 04-10-2016, 03:37 AM
smozes smozes is offline
Join Date: Apr 2016
Posts: 4

Thanks very much for the replies, very helpful eps. the router bit tip, Kreg Jig and clamps.

WRT dust collectors, I'm leaning toward the Makita Xtract Vac with a HEPA filter, because there will be lots of varied work in this project, including concrete, drywall and possibly plumbing, and we will be living in the house while performing it. I am considering even the JET air purifier as a permanent ceiling fixture.

The Ridgid looks very good, but it doesn't offer self cleaning. How much of an issue is this? The feature only appears on professional tier vacs.

One thing that disappointed on a closer look is the feature of automatic tool trigger, where you plug the tool to the vacuum so it activates together. First, it occurred to me that a single circuit won't be able to support both a 15amp saw and 12 amp vac. But then reading the fine print, the tool receptacle is only meant to be used with tools rated at no more than 7 amps, I guess palm sander or router and no more.

I was surprised, and looked at the Festool dust collector, and from what I gather it throttles itself and the tool so as not to exceed a combined 15 amps anyway. It's just that the Festool tools are less powerful to begin with so it's not an issue for users.
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Old 04-10-2016, 12:39 PM
kenk kenk is offline
Join Date: Feb 2012
Posts: 291

I am no filtering expert, but it seems to me that the better the filter the quicker it will become blocked. That's why at least for wood I think the centrifuge-based Dust Deputy or Dust Rite Dust Separator will last much longer between cleanings. I'm not sure how they work for the fine drywall dust though.

It was kind of funny, the other day I was using my sliding compound miter saw and I decided to put the dust catch bag on it rather than take the time to hook up the vacuum. Dust sprayed everywhere and when done I found almost no dust in the bag ... lesson learned.

Yeah, I quickly noticed that the 15 amp saw and the 11 amp vacuum totals to 26 amps - not good for a 20 amp circuit. Can you run power cords from two different circuits? In the end that is the only solution I can come up with here.

I've been meaning to take an ammeter to my Makita 5007MGA saw and Rigid vacuum to see if most of the amperage is at startup. My thought is that the amps might actually be relatively low while running, and that they only approach max amps when starting. I'm wondering if I can start the vacuum first, and then use the saw without getting close to the max combined amps.
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Old 04-10-2016, 03:25 PM
Dik Harrison Dik Harrison is offline
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Location: Evans, GA
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The switching unit I bought (from Sears I think although others have it also) has separate inputs for the tool and the vac.
Have fun...

Dik Harrison
Former Consultant to EurekaZone

SketchUp Models
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