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Old 06-30-2018, 12:28 PM
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Default Makita Cordless Track Saw Dust Collection

I bought the subject saw a while back. I love having no cord on the track. I also love no dust so I tried using my Festool vac but of course the hose doesn't fit perfectly in the Makita. Plus I'm restrained by a hose.

I did some searching and found a couple great reviews on a hang on dust bag that is a direct fit for this saw. It's a Mafell 206921 and seems only available from Timberwolf Tools. The bag is $54 but add shipping and tax I'm up to $70! The place is 28 miles from me so was going to pick it up to avoid shipping but with gas/tolls I might save $5 so I finally just ordered it.

Tried it out this morning and all I can say is it's worth every penny I paid. Slips into the saws dust port perfectly and sucks up 95% of the dust. A little falls through the bottom. Even at the high price if you really want to go to the freedom of cordless I highly recommend this bag.


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