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Old 06-29-2014, 03:29 PM
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A word on the wood i have tried every birch or birch style wood in my area and ordered at a high cost some from a so called best birch wood craft website.
The birch from the wood craft website that says it is the best that cost me the most is the worst it chips up so easy and has more defects in it then any other wood i have tested.

the 5x5 sheets i get are better and the cost pre foot is much less but that version has a lot of wood grain coming up when anything is applied to it making for a lot of extra sanding.

Then i found at Lowes a wood that is called Lauan Plywood that cost less, cuts the best and looks like birch but some of it is lighter a good plus for me.

Home depot has the worst what they call birch is only a few thick plys and comes apart when any water is in contact with it very easy. Others i can toss the wood into the bath tub full of water and they are ok
Also Home depot has another that has a very ruff scratchy surface on it that one is ok and can take being soaked in water but the ruff urface makes it had to work with for what i am doing.
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