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Old 12-12-2014, 03:54 PM
Brian Kincaid Brian Kincaid is offline
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Default Impressed with quality of new clamps

I got a nice black Friday gift for myself in a few of the new EZ-clamps that work like vice-grips. I plan to use these on my EZ-one and for clamping some larger stuff to free rails.

It is nice that they have an orange EZ-branded handle and rubber clamp pads. Not a bad touch.

What blew me away was the construction of the clamps. They are solid, like industrial welder solid, not some of the light duty stuff that passes off as woodworking gear these days. They are made of heavy ga. metal. This doesn't come across well in the pictures, but these things are very heavy-duty from the threads to the clamping mechanism.

After working with them for a short while I have decided that I am going to mount a track or some T-track to my hand tool workbench to utilize these for other functions.

Nice work and good product selection EZ.

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