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Old 10-13-2016, 01:56 PM
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Default Off Track Non-EZ Circular Saw Risk

Last weekend I had to cross cut some vertical 2x6's in a cramped space. I just used a hand saw to do the cuts. Most people probably would have used a circular saw, but I have circularsawaphobia, so I chose to use the hand saw - and since it was just a rough cut anyway the hand saw worked OK.

Afterwards I started feeling bad about my circularsawaphobia. I actually ordered (on-line) a Kreg Square Cut - thinking that maybe I should use that to give using the non-EZ circular saw another try.

Well, last night I did some searching for information on saw injuries and risk. I was surprised to find a site that listed the hand-held circular saw as one of the most dangerous tools - near the #1 which is always the chainsaw. It said that lifting the second hand off the circular saw often leads to kickback, and since the circular saw likely spins faster than a table saw the kickback can be very fast and dangerous.

Huh. To use the Kreg Square Cut the user HAS to hold the Square Cut with one hand and the saw with the ONE other hand. So this leads me to think that using a Kreg Square Cut is probably a lot more dangerous than not using it.

In hind sight I suppose I should have clamped my 25" EZ track to the 2x6 and used the EZ Saw instead to make the cuts.
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Old 10-14-2016, 09:45 PM
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I confess. I'm the same way. I did something similar in a tight space recently, too. I have a variety of hand saws that I use in special situations.

I also agree about the Kreg Square Cut. It's the only Kreg product that's really disappointed me. Much like EZ, the simplicity of Kreg jigs are their biggest appeal.

My EZ UEG is much more stable.
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