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Old 12-21-2017, 03:50 PM
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Can anyone post details of how to fasten the recommended SME to wood - for attaching the B300 Bridge?

What kind of hardware is typically used? I'm guessing pan head screws won't leave room for the B300 Bridge connectors to slide. If using flat head screws do they have to be countersunk so that the B300 Bridge connectors can slide through the SME? Is there enough aluminum thickness to do the countersinking?

Also, I'd like input into how high to place the top of the B300 Bridge's black plastic hinge bracket relative to the top of the power bench's (or EZ-One's squaring & sliding rails - the surface on which the wood will sit when cutting).

The EZ-One assembly video says to place it flush with the top of the end rail (which is some distance below the top of the squaring & sliding rails - I haven't measured that distance)). I made a note that Dik had recommended placing the top of the B300 Bridge bracket 3/4 inch below the top of the end rail to make it easier to lift the guide rail.

This B300 Bridge bracket height placement detail - for both a power bench surface and the EZ-One end rail - needs to be added to the B300 Bridge and the EZ-One instructions.

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